Alice is born in the Corridor. Being is a writer, she tries to catch the letters while they fly around her mocking, dobing blobing, gloging round her dizzy eyes. Mutual performance with Riv Godfried and Marieke Helmus

Geboren uit de Gang  (Born out of the Corridor/)  Alice is reborn in the complexity of the 21 th century. She confronts a neurotic ,disoriented abusive surrounding. All seems so tens and restless, events passed rapidly in front of her. She is unable to catch, to grasp since all seems to have a unknown direction while she is frozen on the spot.

Compound project with Riv Godfried and Marieke Helmus . Organisation foundation The Letter Vlucht Utrecht The Netherlands

She is born out of the corridor out of the endless passages. She emerges out of narrow boxes that imprisoned her for a long time.

It all started somewhere in a shaded corner. Their she stayd, dormant and still for countless dusty years, Nobody knows exactly when and where she opend the suitcase, searching blindly her way out of the 18th century towards our bright blinding miliienium. She didnt understand, neither did we how time rapidly flew. What brought her to us. Did she fall again in the black hol?. Did Rabbit, her gardien of time and norms disappeard? We adjust to the new rullers, will she adjust too, will she find her way through?

Phase 2 born out of the field

She tastes the air with her tongue, her hair is wet from the daw and the first wednsday afternoon rain. The open field, the free field, the airy field makes her thinking about Jackson Pollock painting. She starts running and running till she becomes the running itself and disappears in the field. ( inspred from the chassidic story about Baal Shem Tov who told his helper let the horses run and run untill they ‘ll become the running. Recollection of Hassidic stories by M Buber)

A Women Is born in The Field. A drawing and a video installation .


Straw- Hill and the Black Box Stroheuvel en de Zwarte Doos
De tekening presenteert twee contrasten:  de open beweging en de stile. Het oppervlakte Straw Hill ( Stro-Heuvel) is rusteloos en levendig . Het beweegt van donkere naar licht. Als tegenstelling de Zwarte Doos is stil en ontoegankelijk. De combinatie doet denken aan zwarte doos die na stormen en catastrofe is  gevonden. Het houd alle geheimen in zich,  maar hoe kom je erin.