Floating Silhouettes

Design /drawing for the performance in the East Harbour in front of the National Dutch Maritime Museum, Compound project with the choreograph Susaku Takauchi. Amsterdam 1996

Born in The Corridor is a compound design with the performers artists Riv, Godfried and Marieke Helmus. The installation is composed by sound, light and dynamic drawing. Location St Antonious Hof in Utrecht 2019

Light and shadow fall and  shift sharply symbolising the struggle of a modern woman for self esteem and self definition. She is drawn onto unknown situations and processes she is swallowed onto the depth, driven from her desire to be present and disappear.  In  the depth of the “corridor ” she is reborn and renewed. The amazing interior of St Antonious Hof in Utrecht creates a monumental background to the light composition and dramatic sounds and echos along the space,  

  Light-shadow Shadow-light falling haunting  the woman running vanishing, appears and disappears onto and from the walls of the corridor.  She is swallowed, suffocates by the walls of her own creation. She bangs against the walls, the walls bang against her while triyig to find a pass though,  a break through to spread her wings to be reborn and renewed in the open fields